Sunday, October 25, 2009

Faith Based Administration?

I came across this interesting take on the Obama Administration from Dr. Breggin M.D. that explores the way in which religious or spiritual impulses are manifested in many leftists. Hats off to Tin Winchester who introduced me to this interesting concept.

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Obama’s Faith-Based Administration

Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

September 25, 2009

It came to me as a revelation, in this case delivered through my wife Ginger—Obama has a faith-based administration. In fact, he ran a faith-based campaign. How else to explain the way in which people felt so inspired by this relatively young man with so few accomplishments to his name. They had faith in him. How else to explain America’s willingness to dismiss the influence of Reverend Wright, the hate-mongering anti-American preacher who guided Obama through much of his adult life—right up to and into the election campaign? How else to explain people voting for “change” without specificity or even content? Faith in Obama.

Once in office, the fullness of his faith-based presidency immediately came to the fore. He declared a financial emergency and Congress and the people believed him, and swallowed his ill-planned, fiscally disastrous stimulus package. When he left no time to read legislative bills, Congress voted on blind faith.

In his recent health care address to Congress, he exhorted us to believe that he can cover tens of millions of additional people while improving overall health care—without spending a dime more.

Ultimately he asked us, like Abraham, to sacrifice our children and our children’s children on the altar of fiscal irresponsibility; and we prepared to slit their throats. But unlike Abraham, no angel appeared to stop this barbarous act of generational fiscal genocide.

He further tests our faith by creating a system of czars answerable only to him and to no one else, and especially not us. And his minions tell us the good news—that the economy is improving and jobs have been saved, even as the economy continues to tank and unemployment reaches record highs. It’s a lot to take on faith.

While we grow disillusioned, in public speech upon public speech he tries to inspire us with renewed faith in him. But being mere moral, he easily becomes over-exposed.

Ascending high above ordinary politics and above America’s checkered past, as he sees it, he tells the world of friends and foes alike to place trust in his good intentions. By means of mere words, self-critical and conciliatory words, he will make America a more moral nation and bring peace on Earth. He especially wants China to trust in a new economic order that transcends reality, a kind of turning water into wine, in which unsound fiscal policies bring forth a sound currency. Most dangerous of all, he wants us to believe that we no longer need an antimissile defense system in Eastern Europe. Why? Because he believes that Russia will have faith in his good intentions—something that will never happen.

Meanwhile, the same people who want us to have faith in Obama often ridicule those who have faith in God. We are asked to have faith in a man but not in a Deity.

Faith goes a long way to explain Obama’s success. People need faith. Even young people caught up in their own adolescent smugness need faith. Even the most materialistic progressive needs faith. Bereft of a belief in God, they search elsewhere for spiritual sustenance—and find it in Obama.

Spiritual yearning is built into our nature. We want to trust something outside ourselves. That’s why atheistic progressives display such unbridled faith in their leaders and in the ability of an intelligentsia to plan and to bring forth a better world. That’s why people who ridicule the idea of heaven so often bring ruination by trying to implement heaven on Earth. That’s why the mere mention of “science” or “research” sends progressives into spasms of genuflections. That’s why they worship the Earth and even its animals, at the expense of people. They call the Earth by the name Gaia, the concept that our planet has the qualities of a living organism, something akin to a god.

People need faith. While ridiculing the idea of faith in the unseen God, they place their lives in the hands of the invisible man whose true identify forever remains elusive and even mysterious. Rejecting religion as a cult, they adopt the cult of personality. They put their faith in Obama.

It’s time to hold Obama accountable like any other man and to subject him to the same checks and balances as any other president. It’s time to realize that America has no rulers—only representatives beholden to us. And it’s time to put our faith back into the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the values of our Founders. Ultimately, we need to renew our faith in our “one nation under God” that has brought forth so much good onto this continent and into the world.

That brings us to what I call The Primary Principles—the refrain of my brings weekly report:

Protect freedom

Take responsibility at all times

Express gratitude for all your gifts and opportunities

Become a source of love

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