Saturday, October 10, 2009

Avert Thy Glance! (part II)

I acknowledge that this is not a simple black-and-white issue and both sides have legitimate points, but Mr. Buono and other individuals who initiate cases to remove religious symbols from public spaces strike me far less as being defenders of liberty and more as bullies seeking to impose their will on others.

Mr. Buono should have considered the federal government's transference of a small strip of land to the veteran's group as a reasonable compromise and pursued two commandments that are essential in a republic: whenever possible, thou shalt live and let live and when conflicts arise, ye shall seek compromise.

The continued presence of the cross in a distant desert should be less traumatic to Mr. Buono that its removal would be to the veteran's who have care for it for over half a century.

If Mr. Buono does win this be a Pyrrhic victory for the forces of aggressive secularism; they will achieve their immediate end, but they will energize and perhaps even radicalize segments of America's largely religious population. Laws should not simply conform to the public's every whim, but if they become too distant from the general values of the society at large, they risk undermining respect and allegiance to the law.

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