Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Swallow the Bitter Pill or Not?

It seems as if many people on the left and on the right have grown disenchanted with both parties. On the left many are troubled by the the democratic

Friends of mine from the left and right are troubled by the endless warfare, corporate welfare, politically connected bailouts and many other issues that are supported by much of the democrat and republican establishment. Of course both sides generally have dramatically different interpretations about the cause and solutions to these problems, but share a general disdain for both parties and are faced with a great dilemma.

So what do we do?

Many are tempted to embrace a third party, but fear that in tight elections this will allow the "greater of two evils" to win. A vote for the green party or socialists would split the left and possibly allow the republicans to triumph. And a vote for the libertarians or conservative party would allow the democrats to triumph.

Some "swallow the bitter bill" and attempt to stay within an established party with the hope of reforming, Ron Paul and his supporters being the best example.

Others feel that the system has reached such a level of corruption and inertia that they withdraw from politics entirely.

I am interested to hear what you my readers think.

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