Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Income Tax System is Broken (part II)

All evidence indicates that the percentage of people who are net recipients of tax dollars will continue to increase, which will diminish government oversight and accelerate spending, both of which will accelerate the growth of the national debt.

What makes fiscal reform so difficulty is that the growing population of tax consumers vote in politicians who support these unsustainable policies. Or, in simpler terms, tax consumers are increasingly able to "vote themselves a raise."

My solution is to only allow net tax producers to vote. Those who do not pay taxes cannot be allowed to vote themselves a raise at the expense of the general public. This policy would allow for the election of more fiscally and socially responsible politicians. Rather than disenfranchise millions of citizens, I am hoping that a modest income tax would be imposed on them. Although this would generate little revenue, having all citizens share the burden of "free programs" would
surely increase their sense of civic and fiscal responsibility.

Next we would need a team of 10,000 hulking lawyers to defend against the onslaught of lawsuits from the ACLU. Any volunteers?

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