Thursday, November 19, 2009

Religious Freedom at Risk? (part II)

While it's essential to have safeguards that protect individuals and minorities against the tyranny of the majority, it is dangerous to democracy and the free expression of religious faith to allow a sole individual armed with a lawsuit to enforce their will on a community. I label this phenomenon "minoritarian tyranny."

ADF to Ohio town: No need to cancel Christmas parade for fear of lawsuit

ADF attorneys send letter urging Amelia officials to allow annual event, offer legal representation if sued.

November 19, 2009

AMELIA, Ohio — Alliance Defense Fund attorneys sent a letter Thursday to the mayor, solicitor, and council members of the village of Amelia, urging them to reconsider cancelling this year’s 29th annual Christmas parade. After the Amelia Village Council decided to call off the event out of fear of being sued, ADF attorneys offered the governing body legal advice and assistance in the event such frivolous action is taken.

“Government officials shouldn’t deny a town’s residents a public celebration of Christmas because of intimidation and disinformation spread by groups that don’t understand the Constitution,” said ADF Senior Counsel Nate Kellum. “For nearly 30 years, the village of Amelia has held this annual parade, and local officials need not call it off out of fear of a lawsuit that would be both frivolous and meritless. The attacks on Christmas are simply part of a larger war on all things Christian being waged by the secular Left.”

In response to reports that the Amelia Village Council cancelled the town’s traditional Christmas parade--held every year since 1981--ADF attorneys sent a letter encouraging the officials to permit this year’s public observance of the Christmas holiday.

“While we certainly do live in litigious times, when anybody can sue anybody for practically anything, please know that any lawsuit against Amelia for having a Christmas parade--should it ever be filed--would be meritless,” the letter states. “The observance of Christmas is a plainly lawful activity.”

ADF Christmas legal information Web page

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