Friday, February 20, 2009

Proposal for Progressives...

I have a proposal for my progressive friends who do not see the merits of limited government:

Let's agree that the benefits of state intervention in social and economic spheres outweigh the costs only under the following conditions:

1. Those who plan it are honest.

2. Their prime motivation is the benefit of the public, not serving connected, special interests.

3. The causes of this social and economic problem is accurately assessed.

4. A solution that effectively addresses the problem is created by highly competent individuals.

5. Those government bodies who execute the plan or program are competent.

6. They constantly strive to eliminate waste and achieve cost effectiveness.

7. The effectiveness of the program and policy is accurately and honestly assessed.

8. If its not effective, it is either terminated or reformed.

Now, think about the politicians and bureaucrats of Chicago, Cook County & Illinois.

Can you think of many that even meet the 1st two requirements?

Can you think of any that meet all eight requirements?

If you answered "no," the only logical answer is to limit the time, money and freedom that city, county and state government usurps from the tax paying public.

Of course I believe that the government has a role in promoting education, infrastructure, rule of law and basic public safety. Beyond that, we should be extremely cautious about allowing the state to usurp resources from productive individuals and productive sectors to government programs that are managed by ethically and even mentally challenged individuals.

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