Friday, February 6, 2009

Da Ghost of Daley!

Da ghost of da first Mayor Daley was spotted at Obama's cabinet meeting. During da debate he turned tah da cabinet and said "if yooz want tah secure da votes of generations tah come fer da democratic party, yooz got tah give out jobs tah yer friends. Y'see when someone depends on yeh, dey will always vote fer yeh!"

Obama turned to the ghost of Daley and said "but what if they accuse us of massive patronage and pork barrelling?"

If dey accuse yooz of dat, tell dem knuckle heads dat dose jobs are fer da benefit of da people!

Obama smiled and said "we'll say that it's part of our "stimulus package." But what if they try to cut them after the crisis passes?

Dats da beauty of a government's like a lady of da she gets old and outlives her usefulness, she gets bigger and more bloated."

Thank you Mister Daley!

No, tank yooz Barack...fer taking our beautiful Chicago traditions all da way ta Washington!

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