Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's Wrong With (Most Of) The Public?

Whenever a sex scandal or the personal foibles of a politician come to light, they will saturate the airwaves and dominate the conversation of countless Americans for weeks on end. Yet, when truly significant news emerges, we barely hear a peep. For example, count how many of your acquaintances mentioned the Anthony Weiner sex scandal or Christine O'Donnell's brief comment on witchcraft and then recollect how many times you heard it mentioned that Illinois is facing the worst deficit in the nation. One reason why our fiscal state has deteriorated is because so many Americans are addicted to sensationalism and even among the educated class, most discourse centers on generic soundbites. Those with a modicum of civic responsibility should acquaint themselves with the hard numbers that have a huge impact on our economic and social welfare, or refrain from voting.

Auditor General report says Illinois has worst budget deficit in the nation

June 21, 2012

Quinn Ford

Illinois Auditor General William Holland released a report Thursday which announced the state's overall budget deficit has more than doubled in the past five years.
The audit report analyzed the Illinois State Comptroller's comprehensive annual financial report which lists all state government assets and liabilities for fiscal year 2011.
The report said Illinois is now $43.8 billion in the red, making it the worst state budget deficit in the nation.
Brad Hahn, a spokesperson for Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, said legislators took positive steps during the spring session to address the deficit, but he said the state faces a "colossal mess" and has a long way to go.
"Comptroller Topinka is once again warning that's it's another cautionary note, that the state needs to reign in spending and address growing costs like Medicaid and pensions that are devouring the state budget," Hahn said.

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