Sunday, December 9, 2012

Testimonial On Medical Marijuana

Compelling testimonial on the value of medical marijuana from
a good blogger and a great friend:

Adult Medicine

A number of years back I was in an accident.
The lowest disc in my spine shattered and the
shards floated into the spinal canal and began
to carve up the spinal root sac.

I had a number of surgeries and treatments
and years of rehab.

I also had loads of pills. I had morphine, Vicodin,
Felxerall, Valium, Oxycontin and Lyrica just to
name the main drugs I was taking.

And they didn't work. Or rather, they did work for
pain in the sense that if I took enough, eventually
I would pass out and not feel the pain. But there
was no in-between; either I took enough to get
unconscious or I was devastatingly
high but still in pain.

I have been prescribed medical cannabis.

And it works. I am functional, I can work,
I can interact and it more effectively deals
with the pain and nerve involvement than any pill
I've taken.

These doctors have given me back a life.

What I don't understand is who is against this
treatment? Why is it even an issue? How can
anyone imagine that Medical Marijuana
is worse than the pills they gave me?

It's nice to be treated like an adult and get the
most effective treatments with the fewest
side-effects. Why can't everyone have this?
Why do you need to be in the right location,
the right State or Country? Why do you need
to go through years of disgusting and
noneffective treatments before they finally
give you something cheap and simple that works?

And every single person I see at the dispensary
says the same exact thing. Every time a doctor,
nurse or staffer walks by they are greeted by a
row or people all of whom stop them and thank
them and are grateful for getting their lives back.
Cancers, MS, Accidents and more...across the board.

It's a flower, a plant. Please stop being stupid.
It's time we stopped putting religion and politics
above the well being of real people.

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