Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why The UN Is Worthless

In principle I support the concept of international legal bodies as a means of promoting peace and order. But, in practice, the United Nations and many other international legal bodies have shown such appalling bias that they have completely negated their credibility. Approximately 40% (223) of the human rights condemnations issued by the United Nations have been directed against Israel, while only 10 condemnations were levied against North Korea, a nation that allowed over 1,000,000 of its people to starve to death and to the best of knowledge, no condemnations have been directed against China whose one part state still maintains slave labor labor camps, engages in forced abortions, religious repressions and the systematic abuse of its minority (Tibetan and Uighur) populations. Check out this interesting video that explores this mind boggling hypocrisy of the United Nations.

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