Monday, October 24, 2011

$1 Billion Investment In Libyan Democracy!

Rejoice taxpayers of America, your $1 billion dollar investment in Libyan Democracy is already paying off! Libya's interim leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil announced  that the constitution would be based on Islamic Law and polygamy would be reinstated. To demonstrate their commitment to due process and human rights, 53 Libyans were bound and executed in the Mahari Hotel in Sirt and  Black Libyans were indiscriminately assaulted by rebel troops. And last but not least, to demonstrate their respect for sexual diversity, Gaddafi was sodomized with a metal object before being executed. With any luck, the current regime will remain staunch allies to the United States, like our dear, dear friends in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in tax payer financed nation building!

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