Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Should We Be Surprised (That Women Are Harrassed In London)?

The Indian Express published an article that spoke of the harrasment of women who did not don the islamic headscarve, in the Tower Hamlets area of London. Why should we be surprised? In the name of multiculturalism, a series of British governments introduces a large population of individuals with a distinct culture into its midst, makes no efforts to assimilate them towards British norms and values and becomes surprised when some of their members maintain the more dubious practices of their homeland? When people move to a neightborhood or nation, most will bring their culture, which entails far more than their cuisine, clothing and music. They bring their age old norms and practices, which are often compatible with those of the host neighborhood or nation. But, others are not. An honest discourse on the promises and perils of multiculturalism should not be the sole domain of the far right, but part of a thoughtful discussion that involves broad segments of society.

London Taliban' target women, homosexuals

Mon Apr 18 2011, 16:22 hrs


Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death.

By Ashoka Kumar Jha

Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremist group Taliban, in a bid to impose Sharia Law in Britain.

According to police investigations in the Tower Hamlets area of London, other targets of these Islamist extremists include homosexuals.

Some incidents have been reported that include the placing of stickers on public walls, which state it is a ''gay-free zone'' and the daubing of paint on posters for clothing shops featuring women in bikinis.

In response to such incidents, Ghaffar Hussain, of the anti-extremism Quilliam Foundation, said that the intimidation was the work of ''Talibanesque thugs''.

“This minority think they have the right to impose their fringe interpretation of Islam on others,” the Daily Mail quoted Hussain, as saying.

Police official Paul Rickett said that three men have been charged with religiously-aggravated criminal damage in connection with some of the incidents, which have mirrored crude attempt at censorship in Birmingham.

“I am saddened that there are a small minority of people who do not wish to respect the lifestyle choices of others,” said Rickett.

“We work closely with faith leaders in the community, the Tower Hamlets interfaith forum, our partner agencies and the local community to ensure that people feel safe in the borough,” he added.

Firebrand Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary said that he was aware of individuals who would speak up if they saw a Muslim woman without a headscarf, but insisted they were only giving advice about their views of Islam.

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