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Why Did The Press Remains Silent About Gay Bashing in Amsterdam?

A few years ago, a fashion show in Amsterdam that was set up to raise awareness for gay rights was attacked by a group of 10 Muslim immigrants. Interestingly this story was not broken in the United States by the mainstream media or even by the gay rights oriented newspapers and websites, but by the conservative website We can be certain that if members of the dreaded "Christian Right," were responsible for this revolting act of intolerance, it would have received ample press coverage. I suspect this is because the press is uncomfortable presenting news that departs from the dominant liberal narrative that presents Muslim migrants and other minorities as victims, rather than perpetrators of hate crimes.

Muslims Attack Gay Model at Amsterdam Fashion Show, American Left Silent

Posted on June 6, 2008 by Rob Taylor

On April 30th a fashion show in Amsterdam which was supposed to raise awareness for gay rights was disrupted by a group of ten Muslim youths who pulled openly gay model Marc DuPree down from the catwalk and brutally assaulted him. When another model attempted to intervene that person was also assaulted. The organizer of the event, Jennifer Delano, has gone on record saying she would never organize another fashion show there and that Amsterdam was “no longer a tolerant city.
As Gay Patriot, who found this story, points out there has been no mention of this story in the MSM or the American gay media. It’s been over a month and none of the people who supposedly cover news important to gays wrote a word about this blatant display of gay bashing.

Gay patriot has translations of two Dutch articles, the first of which is sensational enough that you’d think the cable news channels would be all over a story like this:

Amsterdam : On Queen's Day [national holiday, birthday of the late Queen Juliana of the Netherlands], in a side street of Rembrandt Square, a gay fashion show was severely disrupted. The model was dragged down from the catwalk by ten young guys.

The homosexual model Mike du Pree was dragged down from the catwalk by ten young guys. When he wanted to defend himself he got hit several times. A bystander stood up for the victim and a fight evolved. The show was organized precisely to promote tolerance towards homosexuals.

Before things got out of hand, the atmosphere was already tense. The public made comments about the outfits and a couple of models were insulted. The attack on Du Pree was the worst moment. "Mike got dragged down by his arm," says the organizer Jennifer Delano. They pinched him, he defended himself and then the guys of immigrant background started to hit him. According to her it was a group of ten young guys of Muslim background. The fight didn’t last long, but the police was too late.

Delano doesn't  know yet whether she will organize a fashion show for tolerance ever again. "I first need to recover from what happened, the initiator says." According to her, "Amsterdam is no longer a tolerant city." She will officially report the incident to the police and she considers to take legal action against the perpetrators. They are still free to roam.

May 1, 2008. Gay Krant [Gay Newspaper]

A fashion show that devolves into a mini-riot? Where the victim of a vicious gang assault is a gay man? This is news gold, yet the left leaning American media and the netroots are virtually silent. I wonder why?

And one would think that the Gay Pride movement would be up in arms over the very public attack of a gay man by a group of homophobes. But I guess Gay Pride really means never having to take a strong stand against the people who want you dead.

As “right winger” I’m often called a homophobe even though I support the rights of gays to get married in civil unions, think all Americans should be treated equally and believe hatred of gays is as un-American as Communism. And this will be one of the few blogs where you read about this story.

I think my gay friends should remember that next time some lefty blog implies “The Right” hates gays. At least we on the right want justice for the ones brutalized by gangs, even if it’s a gang made up of people from the “oppressed” classes.

Can your lefty “friends” say the same?

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