Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jimmy Carter Prize For the Advancement of Douchebaggery: King Richard Daley II

We are proud to bestow the Jimmy Carter Prize for the Advancement of Douchebaggery to Chicago's own (ex)Mayor Richard Daley II. Although the mayor's administration does have some noteworthy achievements, such as the beautification of downtown, past and presents acts of nepotism are so blatant and over the top that the mayor is clearly a first class douchebag. Here are but a few:

The Hired Truck Scandal, in which connected trucking companies were handsomely paid to do little or nothing. Among those indited was city employee and known mob bookie, Nick LoCoco. Not surprisingly, the mayor's brother, John P Daley greatly profited by providing insurance to 25% of the trucking firms. In addition, his brother in law, John Briatta was convicted of taking several thousand dollars in bribes to steer trucking contracts. City Clerk Walter Kozubowski, was convicted in a ghost payroll scheme for paying a total of $476,000 to six "ghosts" for little or no work over a dozen years.

Patrick Daley earned over $700,000 in a deal to provide wi-fi to O'Hare & Midway Airports. Of course that had nothing to do with the fact that he is Richard Daley's son.

Patrick Daley and his cousin Robert Vanecko secretly invested in Municipal Sewer Services, a firm that received a $4,000,000 no-bid contract.

Vanecko's firm also gained a no-bid contract to manage $68,000,000 in city pensions.

In a blatant act of nepotism, immediately after retiring, the former mayor accepted a position with the law firm that pocketed $822,760 in the questionable privitzation of the Chicago Skyway and Parking Meters. In the short run this deal infused Chicago with needed capital, allowing Daley to postpone necessary budget cuts, but in the long run it will only exacerbate the city's fiscal health.

And Daley is now being employed by the University of Chicago, which of course has nothing to do with back room deals that occurred during his time as the mayor. We can be sure that King Richard II and his family will profit from his political connections for years to come. As we say in Chicago "fersure my friend, heez da biggest douchebag I know!"

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