Monday, June 20, 2011

Jimmy Carter Prize For The Advancement of Douchebaggery: President Obama!

With great pride the Chicago Freedom Forum has granted the Jimmy Carter Prize For The Advancement of Douchebaggery to President Barack Hussein Obama! "Why now," you ask, "since the beginning of his presidency you have criticized his policies, yet you are only now designating him as a prize winner?" Much of President Obama's early policies were an unavoidable continuation of Bush Era initiatives. For example, while I opposed the War in Iraq and the bailouts, the military, political and economic realities that he inherited made an abrupt u-turn virtually impossible. But, a recent string of bowel wrenching policies cannot be blamed on GW Bush, they reflect Obama's vision and response to new political developments. Here are a few:

In the face of our debt crisis, President Obama has declared his intention to forgive $1 Billion in Egyptian debt. As my astute mother pointed out, the broke cannot loan money to the broke.

He has committed the United States to contribute to the $80 Billion Greek bailout.

In spite of the clearl lessons that the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan present, of the perils of military intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, he has thrust us into the Libyan Civil War, whose cost has surpassed $750 Million.

Obama's public pronouncement that our ally Israel should return to the 1967 Borders has undermined Israel's negotiation position and will certainly embolden Israel's antagonists.

Even as federal debt mounted, his administration pledged $53 Billion towards high speed rail.

These are errors of action, while Obama's greatest failures are his errors of inaction, his unwillingness or inability to put forth serious plans for budget cuts and entitlement reform that are vital to turning back the tidal wave of debt and unfunded liabilities that looms on the horizon. My good sir, if you maintain your commitment to douchebaggery, you may well earn another prize, before your term is up!

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