Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sacrebleu - France Shows Some Good Sense!

If the United States had good sense, we too would pass a law stripping foreign born criminals of their citizenship and deporting them. I am NOT saying that foreign born residents are more prone to crime than their native born counterparts. In fact the crime rate of first generation immigrants is no higher than the national average. However, from a point of policy, there is a crucial difference between native born and foreign born criminals. A native born crook or low life is a "product of chance," that is, their presence in the United States stems from the location of their birth and not from a policy decision. And it cannot be mitigated by a policy decision; in other words, we (unfortunately) cannot deport native born Americans who commit serious crimes. On the other hand, who we allow to immigrate to the United States is a question of choice, a choice that should be reversed (via deportation) if it proves unwise.

French Pass Law To Strip Foreign-Born Criminals Of Nationality

The Huffington Post
Curtis M. Wong

First Posted: 10-12-10

French lawmakers passed a controversial new bill that will strip criminals born in other countries of their French nationality if convicted of carrying out a violent crime against police officers.

According to RPI, members of France's lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, voted 294 to 239 to pass the measure. Proposed by Immigration Minister Eric Besson -- who reportedly wants his ministry to be "a machine to produce good French citizens" -- the measure will also allow European Union nationals to be expelled from France for repeated acts of theft, aggressive begging and illegally occupying land.

"This is a big first step in the building of a European immigration policy," Besson said.

The law is part of President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative law and order crackdown, which critics say stigmatizes immigrants -- members of France's Roma "Gypsy" community -- as second-class citizens, according to the Associated Press.

In recent months, Sarkozy has come under repeated fire from UN officials and other humanitarian experts for deporting hundreds of Roma families residing in France to nations in Eastern Europe, including Romania and Bulgaria.

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