Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obama's Shell Game (part I)

I am truly disgusted at the shell game that the Obama Administration is playing to hide the true costs of their health care plan. In the past I may have disagreed with him, but I still believed that he was presenting his plans in good faith. But, a quick look at the budgetary tricks used to put forth the claim that this plan will save tax payer money reveals that without a doubt Obama is a bold faced liar.

Representative Paul Ryan (R - WI) outlined the more egregious budgetary gimmicks during a recent hearing. To view the clip scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link.

Among Obama's tricks were to calculate:

-A half a trillion dollar tax increase, coupled with a half a trillion dollar cut in Medicare. It is highly doubtful that the Obama Administration is capable of achieving the former and even willing to risk the political costs of pursuing the latter.

-These cuts will occur over 10 years to pay for 6 years of funding for Obamacare. A budget gimmick appalling even by our already low standards.

-53 billion in higher social security tax revenues and counts them as offsets. In other words raiding one broke bank to pay for another.

-Reducing doctor reimbursement for Medicare, an act that if undertaken will put cause even more doctors to refuse to partake in this program.

Ryan best sums it up in the following phrase "Hiding spending does not reduce spending. And so when you take a look at all of this it just doesn't add up. Adding more to the unsustainable fiscal situation that we have...."

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