Monday, March 22, 2010

I Blame You!

A friend of mine from Iran once said "we get the politicians that we deserve."

I used to think that this only applied to banana republics and Islamic Theocracies, but now I realize that it is also true in the United States.

Over the last year I have continuously blamed the Obama Administration for its fiscally and economically destructive policies, but now I Blame You! I Blame the growing segment of the American who have made this "change" possible with their:

Belief that they can have something for nothing, such as granting "free" health care to millions while simultaneously reducing the national debt.

Belief that they are entitled to the hard earned wealth of their fellow Americans, rather than seek to raise themselves up through their own labor.

Notionthat politicians can arbitrarily bend reality to their whims, such as mandating "affordable housing" in the United States and "democracy" in other nations.

Woeful ignorance of the values, visions, traditions and institutions that made the United States the freest, most peaceful and prosperous nation in the history of the world. You foolishly are squandering away the cultural, economic and political patrimony bequeathed to us by the founding fathers.

Any politician who spoke honestly and intelligently to you about the need to cut spending and raise taxes would not get elected. Only with you the ascendancy of Obama and other politicians who promise the impossible and heap debt on future generations was possible.


  1. There is a certain perverse logic to providing saftey nets for large corporations with public money but not to provide the public with a safety net with public money.

    the problem is less the idea of providing a minimal safety net for healthcare than it is with the fact the politicians will bankrupt us with a set of failing and irrational and graft filled bloated systems.

  2. I support a safety net, but not the delusion that we can have something for nothing and that we can flout basic rules of economics. I want a compassionate society that helps those who truly cannot help themselves, but not one in which every man believes that he is entitled to the fruits of his neighbor's labor.