Friday, December 18, 2009

Questions on Obamacare

Unless supporters of ObamaCare can provide satisfactory answers to the following questions, they should be forced to wear dunce caps in public:

1. Government run entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare have massive unfunded liabilities, in other words they are fiscally unsustainable. What leads you to believe that ObamaCare will be any different? Is it not absurd to undertake a whole other entitlement program while Social Security and Medicare are so deep in the red?

2. An underlying problem in private and public health care is sky-rocketing costs. What leads you to believe that ObamaCare will be able to address this issue without rationing? And if ObamaCare does not address this issue, will rising costs not make this program unsustainable?

3. ObamaCare will add at least $1 trillion dollars to our record national debt. Would it not be more reasonable to first cut the deficit (by at least $1 trillion) before we so drastically expand government spending?


  1. It is a question of priorities and economic health. The current economic of health care in the USA is unsustainable. Most people accept that premise.
    The premise that health care should be a priority has more debate. But depending on where you stand on that, influences what you feel the economics will allow or forbid.

  2. I agree with you taht the current system is unsustainable, BUT there is nothing in the realm of reason that indicates that Obama's reforms will control costs. I would be fully supportive of the efforts to expand coverage to more people if issues of cost inflation were 1st addressed. And as previously stated, we need to get social security and medicare under order before we undertake additional multi-trillion dollar entitlements.