Friday, May 11, 2012

Save Us, Oh Save Us Eric Holder!

On election day in Chicago, the authorities sought to disenfranchise me, to place an insurmountable obstacle against the expression of my right to vote, these insidious functionaries discriminated against poor people and people of color asking us to show a state ID! When I read about the Department Of Justice's lawsuit against Texas for its voter id law, a light of hope cut across the darkness of disenfranchisement, in the form of the great and noble Attorney General, Eric Holder! Save Us, Oh Save Us, Eric Holder from this great indignation! Surely a non-partisan civil servant such as yourself is not concerned by which party governs a city or state, for oppression anywhere, in oppression everywhere! And while you're at it, please sue: the video rental store, the bank, bar and the airport that subjecting me to the hateful and discriminatory requirement of a state ID!

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