Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bravo To Rachel Maddow?

I rarely agree with MSNBC Commentator Rachel Maddow, but I was quite impressed with her recent expose on President Obama's continuation of the Bush Administration's policy of "Preventative Incarceration" and "Indefinite, Prolonged Detention." Simply put, American Citizens who are deemed a threat can be incarcerated without formal charges, without due process for an indefinite period of time. The President stated that "there may be a number of people who can't be prosecuted for past crimes, but none the less pose a threat," which holds troubling implications. While I have zero sympathy for criminals and jihadists, due process and rule of law are fundamental to America's legal traditions and value system. Even the most despicable citizens should be subject to a swift and fair trial. If found guilty, they should be subject to the harshest punishment allowed  by the law and if found innocent, they should be freed. History shows that when the state is allowed to engage in unchecked "emergency measures," the liberty and property of its citizenry will not remain secure for long.

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