Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Jimmy Carter Prize for the Advacement of Douchebagery

Up until now the Jimmy Carter Prize for the Advancement of Douchebagery has been solely awarded to individuals. But, recent events compel the Chicago Freedom Forum to convey this award to a group: President Obama and the American politicians who applauded the President of Mexico's address to the congress. During this address Mr. Calderon openly attacked SB1070, Arizona's new immigration law. Although I ultimately do not support this law, the principles of national sovereignty and self respect makes his address totally inappropriate. Before the speech President Obama should have privately stated to Mr. Calderon:

"The domestic policies of the United States must be debated and decided upon by officials who were elected by the American people, not by foreign leaders...furthermore, as flawed as Arizona's policies may be, it's hypocritical of you to criticize them, because Mexico's own immigration policies are much harsher..."

Another affront to American sovereignty occurred when Carlos Navarrete Ruiz, the President of the Mexican Senate who accompanied President Calderon publicly called on the Hispanic community of the United States to secure an electoral triumph for the Democratic Party in the coming elections.

The Chicago Freedom Forum has not awarded President Calderon the Jimmy Carter Prize, because he simply responded to the political and cultural signals that our "leadership" sent him. If they had conveyed their commitment to sovereignty and self respect, Mr. Calderon would not have made such a speech. And I neither bear Mr. Calderon nor his cohorts a grudge, because they are doing what their people elected them to do: represent their national interests. I wish I could say the same for President Obama and our elected officials.

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