Friday, February 19, 2010

Progressive & Libertarian Common Ground

To the best of my knowledge, historical records do not indicate if Washington and Jefferson smoked marijuana, but we do know that they grew hemp. And the encroachment of the federal government in the private lives of its citizenry via the war on drugs would have been anathema to the Founding Fathers, something that most Democrats & Republicans seem to overlook.

A shared belief in the importance of legalizing marijuana is held by most progressives and libertarians. Most of my progressive friends see the value of social freedom, but many fail to see that economic freedom and limited government are also indispensable aspects of personal liberty and prosperity. To them I recommend that they light up a spliff and spend the night reading the works of: Jefferson, Franklin, Tocqueville, Hayek, Mises and Milton Friedman.


  1. I pray for the day when the politicians will admit with honesty that these repressive social laws have more to do with lobbyist money than morality.

  2. The prison system is hyge money for the public and private sectors.

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