Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm No Friend of Ronald...

When I lived in Santiago, Chile a group of left wing students through stones through the window of the local Mcdonalds, which of course encouraged the many customers to flee. I am certainly no friend of Ronald and his chain of restaurants. But, the one thing I find more distasteful than his greasy, homogeneous hamburgers is the lack of respect for individual choice and the coercive impulse that drive all socialists and many "progressives."

I agree with these students that Mcdonalds lacks nutritional and cultural value, for that reason I never eat there. But, this is a decision that should be made by each Chilean, not be an "enlightened" student or politician. And if Mcdonalds doesn't meet a demand, it will quickly go out of business or be forced to adjust to meet local tastes, as it did in India.

There are positive aspects of the "progressive" camp, but unfortunately the coercive impulse often lurks beneath the surface. And far too often the "expanded choice" that "progressives" sell to the public rapidly contracts when there are insufficient checks and balances on their power, as seen in Canada when a man literally had to sue the state to allow him the right to use private medical insurance.

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