Friday, January 30, 2009

The Clash of Diversities...

A Dutch prosecutor has been filed against Geert Wilders, a prominent Dutch politician for "insulting Islam." The charges stem from Mr. Wilder's movie Fitna which is highly critical of Islam. Mr. Wilder's view of Islam was formed by personal experiences, including the murder of his friend Theo Van Gogh by a Moslem extremist, and repeated death threats against himself and his associate Ayaan Hirsi Ali by similar extremists.

In addition to Fitna, Mr. Wilders has used his position as a parliamentarian to communicate his preoccupations that the Islamic culture of the Netherlands's rapidly growing Moslem population is incompatible with the tolerant, pluralist spirit and institutions of Dutch society. One proponent of this vision was Pim Fortuyn, a popular and openly gay politician who feared that paradoxically in the name of diversity, the Dutch were inviting in people who have no tolerance for diversity. He based this on the correct belief that the vast majority of Moslems were intolerant of gays, Jews, women's rights, free speech and democracy itself. Tragically and ironically Mr. Fortuyn was murdered, for his beliefs, by Volkert van der Graaf, a left wing environmentalist, vegan and animal rights activists. In no way does Volkert represent the main stream left, but he is the extreme manifestation of the intolerance for diverse opinions that we see in many of the "champions of diversity."

Ironically, the prosecution of Mr. Wilders validates his belief that the multi-cultural dogma of the Dutch state is paradoxically leading to the erosion of free speech and open debate. This is relevant to the United States because the same philosophical and political forces that have eroded freedom in the Netherlands are taking hold in the United States:

The value of selective sensitivity has superseded intellectual honesty and open debate. In
the Netherlands, the sensitivity is selectively applied to Moslems, while there is a
tacit tolerance of the hateful speech against Jews and Christians that emanates from mosques
and marches. In the United States tremendous sensitivity is mandated towards select groups, but lacking when some "progressives" openly disparage "backward Mormons" and "redneck Christians." In regards to open debate we know that even though Obama has called for a "dialogue on race," in the current cultural Milieu few if any politicians would openly challenge Obama's monologue on race and diversity.

The ascension of group rights and interests over individual rights and general
American interests. In the case of the Netherlands, the collective rights of the Moslem
community not to be offended trump Mr. Wilder's right to free speech. In the US this
philosophical shift is seen in the growth of quotas, affirmative action and speech codes.

A selective affirmation of ethno-political group identity over individual identity. This
affirmation is selective, because In the case of the Netherlands, Moslems overwhelmingly
vote for socialist parties that (by their own description) openly pursue the interests of Moslems. Yet, when Mr. Wilders proposes that the native Dutch need to vote for their political and economic interests, he is called a "fascist." In the United States few if any politicians would dare call for the promotion of "white interests," while the Black Congressional Congress's openly pursues "the interests of African-Americans" and the National Council of La Raza pursues a "Latino agenda."

Of course the point of the last paragraph was NOT to encourage whites to "pursue their
interests," it's to discourage all individuals from pursuing group rights over individual freedom and from pursuing redistributive ethno-political interests over general American interests. And the mere belief that there are white, black or Latino interests is a negation of the individuality and diversity within these groups.

Thank God the United States has not reached the point where individuals are prosecuted for free speech. But, we must remain vigilant. History shows that freedom, peace and prosperity are never givens; a nation and a civilization must strive for many generations to achieve them. But, freedom, peace and prosperity are fragile and can be lost if but one generation slumbers.

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